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The deadline has passed, so if we haven't received your story then you're officially late! If you do in fact have a completed fic and haven't sent it yet, you need to so immediately or you risk being a defaulting participant and being banned from future rounds!

If you haven't received a reply to your submission or extension request, then you need to resend it a.s.a.p, because we haven't seen it. We'll be contacting apparent no-show participants via email shortly, so you really want to get in touch with us before we do that if we'll be emailing you!

People who offered to pinch-hit in their sign-ups might want to keep an eye on their inbox, as we have a few requests to send out and one of them could be heading your way. Thanks everyone who got their submissions in on time and help make this as easy as it can be!
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Thank you to everyone who has submitted early, we greatly appreciate being able to check you off our lists.

If you haven't submitted yet, don't panic, you still have time. Remember, we must receive your emails by midnight EST time. If you need to check when that is for you, here is a custom World Clock set to the right time. Just scroll down to find the nearest capital city to you/in your time zone on that page, and make sure you've emailed your story to us by then.

If you need to recheck them, the submission guidelines are posted here.

We have replied to all fic submissions, extension requests, and drop-out notifications we've received. If you haven't received at least a short received notification in reply, then your email was lost somewhere, so you'll need to resend. The exchange email account is
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Fic submission is now open, and will continue until midnight EST on August 9th. Don't worry if you're still writing, you're very welcome to wait until the 9th to submit your story. If anyone completes their submission earlier and would like to submit early so they don't need to be worried about the deadline on the day though, you're more than welcome to.

If, however, anyone has just realised that they won't make the deadline, you need to contact us now. If we haven't received a fic or an explanation of why you need to drop out before midnight on the 9th, you may be banned from future rounds! Explanations are accepted at mod discretion, so don't expect to contact us super close to the deadline to say you got busy studying or similar, and then not be penalised. If there's a problem that you're already aware of, contact us right now. Remember, you can submit before the 9th this year, so take advantage of that if that date or the days around it are likely to be particularly busy for you.

Now, there are two parts to submission this year. First:

Headers. )

Coding and Submitting. )

If you have any questions, feel free to email us or jump into the comments of this post with them. Remember, you can submit your story immediately if it's ready, or anytime between now and midnight EST on August 9th.
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The 2009 Grey's Exchange assignment emails have been emailed. If you haven't received your email, check your spam filter and that the email in your sign-up form was correct (at the Livejournal sign-up post and Dreamwidth sign-up post) and then contact us via comments here, or email at

Now that assignments have been mailed, it's time for Dear Author letters. You may remember this as the Suggestion Post exercise last year.

What do you do for a Dear Author letter?

You write a letter to your author about what you like and dislike in fanfic. Some suggestions to write about include listing any kinks or squicks your author might like to know, and talking about why you like the pairings/platonic relationships in your requests.

It can be as short or as long as you like, just remember the golden rule: your dear author letter should help your author get a better idea of what you'd like to see. It's there to help them write a great fic you'll enjoy. It isn't, however, a place to make demands. Please talk about all of your requests, as you don't know which of your requests your author was assigned to. There's no point making anyone feel guilty because they can't write one of your requests.

So, talk about what you like and dislike about the romantic or platonic relationships in your requests, what you'd like them to include or avoid in the story (if they can), and be sure to talk a little about all of your requests.

You can post your dear author letter in a comment to this post, or if it's long in a public post on your private journal. If you do the latter, please drop a link in the comments of this post to help your author find it better. We really encourage everyone to write a letter to their author. Many writers find it useful to get a little more guidance, and it can only increase the chances of your gift fic being exactly what you were hoping for.
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Don't forget there's only a little over two days remaining to sign up for the 2009 round of [community profile] greys_exchange. All the details and the sign-up form can be found in the 2009 Sign-up post. Sign-ups close at midnight on the 19th, American EST time.

Even though this exchange will be mirrored across Dreamwidth and Livejournal, you can sign-up here and participate in the 2009 round without interacting with the livejournal community. We hope to see you at the sign-up post!
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Welcome to [community profile] greys_exchange, a hiatus fic exchange challenge for Grey's Anatomy! Your current exchange mods are [personal profile] shopfront and [personal profile] milk_and_glass. This exchange is about keeping busy between seasons of our favourite medical drama.

[community profile] greys_exchange is multi-pairing and currently allows het, slash, gen and Real Person Fiction (RPF). Private Practice-centric fic will not be included for this round. Fic including Addison or referencing Private Practice canon will be allowed, but please note that the pairing must include two Grey's characters (Addison/Mark is allowed, Addison/Pete is not) or be Grey's-centric in the case of RPF (ie. Ellen Pompeo/Kate Walsh is allowed, but Kate Walsh/Tim Daly is not).


  • Sign ups start now and will close on Friday, 19th of June at midnight American EST time.

  • Exchange assignments will go out on Sunday, 21st of June.

  • You will then have seven weeks to write your exchange fic, which will be due on Sunday, 9th of August.

  • We are crossposting to the Dreamwidth mirror community for this round, therefore fics will be submitted via email on or before the 9th of August. The mods will then crosspost the stories to both communities on Sunday, 16th of August.

Rules, Guidelines, and Sign-up form below. )
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Welcome to the Grey's Anatomy Hiatus Fic Exchange! This is currently a mirror for [ profile] greys_exchange, and we welcome any users who currently prefer to use DW over LJ to be comfortable following this mirror instead of the livejournal counterpart. All content, including stories, will be crossposted for the 2009 exchange.

Please check back in mid- to late-May for the sign-up post, or simply subscribe to this mirror community. We hope to see you during the exchange!


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